Automatic Mains Failure Panels  Automatic Mains Failure Panels are electrical source changeover devices usually for maintaining the  essential services to a building or site where the  continuity of supply is paramount. Buildings such as  hospitals and computer centres are usually fitted with a standby generator which will take over the electrical supply if the electricity boards mains fails. These amf panels monitor the loads via a three phase electronic measuring device and when the supply falls 'out of limits' the standby generator is given a signal to start. Once the Generator is running its output is  monitored to ensure it is ready to accept load and then the building is changed over to the standby supply. If and when the mains returns it is then automatically reinstated and the standby generator is shutdown, ready for its next call to duty.   Mertech Automatic Mains Failure Panels come in three types: 1) AMF Panels Include - Automatic Changeover Device plus a Mains  Failure  Module & an Electronic Generator Control Module. 2) ATS Panels Include - Automatic Changeover Device Plus Mains Failure Module with volt free start signal. 3) MTS Panels Include - Manual Changeover Device only.
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