Mertech have for many years been supplying and  installing  Gensets, and as a switchboard  manufacturer, have the experience to offer full  standby and prime power synchronising systems.  With our knowledge of Caterpillar systems and being  experts in generator control we can offer you a  complete package from supply to commissioning.  The installation of generators can be very difficult if  not planned correctly from the outset. The main  considerations include :-  Correct sizing to suit the type of loading  Fuel requirements and regulations  Exhaust calculations and  regs.  Air flow design Noise attenuation  These are all part of the Mertech design scheme to  give you the confidence that  everything will work  properly and not infringe any environmental or  building regulations. 
Mertech were the first company in England to supply and instal generators to export pwer to the National Grid from landfill methane gas. This was a one Megawatt site in Liverpool. This gave us the experience to offer mains paralleling systems with Electricity Board G59 approval. We now have many sites up and down the country. We are also experts in mains paralleling systems for peak load lopping and maintenance bypass systems.
Reliability We are mainly involved with clients whose standby power requirement are essential to their business survival, Banks, Hospitals and data centres to name but a few. We decided a long time ago that the installation of inferior generators is not in line with our stated policy of reliability and longevity. We therefore only supply the best. We will offer the type of set we suggest is the most suitable for your requirement.  
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